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Money fake detector machine

Our Fake note detector is available with leading-edge sensors that further enhance the efficiency in the detection of counterfeit currency. This is the your best machinery for detecting fake notes between original currency, becauseToday in market cheaters are very smart, So these type fake note detector machine aware to public and also become more helpful for Specially Banks, Shop & Business Owners, to detect fake and counterfeit currency at the same time


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Counting Machine of Bundle Notes



Our Cash Counting Machines handles Loads of cash whether new, old or soiled currency. The result is excellent. Designed to suit different individuals with Ease due to its practical design and Most usable features. Most of our customers are overwhelmed by Value these cash counting machines. No One understands the Customer as We do. Quality and Utility makes it a Wise Product for a Smart Customer.

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Cd Shredder Paper Shredder Hyderabad

Welltech System provides Paper/cd shredder to cut paper into chad and to destroy private, confidential, or otherwise sensitive documents.


Electric Strip Cut CD Paper Card Shredder

1.Portable design;

2.Good for secret; 

3.Strong ability for paper & disk shredding on/off

5.Reverse automatic Switch

6.Shred paper’s,cd and Credit cards

7.Thermal shut down




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Rs.1,000 coin released

The recent announcement of the Mumbai mint to launch coins of Rs.1,000 is a great opportunity for numismatists across the country. The coin is being brought out as a special product to commemorate 1,000 years of Brihadeeswara temple of Thanjavur.

The coin, of 35 gm weight and 44 mm diameter, is being made of an alloy of silver and copper. The coins are to be despatched to those who have booked them in advance after paying the required fee. The 11{+t}{+h}century temple location has been declared as a world heritage site by Unesco.

It is for the first time that a Rs.1,000 coin is being brought out by the government. Earlier, commemorative coins of denominations such as Rs.10, Rs.50 and Rs.75 have been released on various occasions. The new coin, awaiting release, is going to be a collector’s delight. It will take a few months before the coins reach the hands of those who have made bookings for the same



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