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Bundle Note Counting Machine


WellTech System Provides Bundle note counting machine,that is specialized for Banker’s, Industries, Corporate’s, shopping mall’s, and Financial Institutions for bulk note counting. It Compact, Strong and Elegant design with metal body. It Is a low Noise operation,Special Note Dust collecting Filters, Inbuilt exhaust fan for cooling and Alarm System. It’s High Speed counting – 4 sec / 100 notes and Hopper Capacity – 200 Notes.

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Loose Note Counting Machine – Red MG

Welltech Systems are indulged in offering a broad assortment of Fake Note Detector Counter’s with Automatic detecting with UV (Ultraviolet Detection), IR (Infrared Detection) & MG (Magnetic Detection) while cash counting. It also detects half notes, chained note detection. It is well equipped with accurate fake note detector with red light display.

  • Accurate Counting.
  • Counterfeit detection with UV, MG, IR.
  • 100 % Fake Note detection which detects Green RBI strip.
  • ADD/Batch option.
  • Additional Counter Display.
  • With LCD white /red display.
  • Technologically advanced Easy operations.
  •  Less maintenance.

WELLTECH SYSTEMS Loose Note Counting Machine  – Red MG


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Loose Note Counting Machine – HD model



Welltech Systems bring in unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in currency counting operations – for Banks, Financial Institutions, Industries, Corporate’s, Mall’s, Shopping complex’s etc. Our machine’s are built with state of art design and stringent quality control with minimum maitainence and serves you longer.


  • Heavy duty machine
  • Accurate counting
  • Additional Counter Display
  • Add/Bath Option
  • UV detection
  • Counting Speed 6 Sec/100 notes
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Fake Note Detector – Lens Model


Welltech Systems offer’s fake note detector’s which are well equipped with a Magnifier glass which multiples the resolution of UV & watermark and identify the currency, detects most of the legal instruments including currency passport, cheque, credit card & other instruments. It operates with UV and Fluorescent Lamp for high detection.


  • Operating with UV and Fluorescent Lamp
  • Magnifying Glass to observe currency clearly
  • Checking Notes will be in manual
  • We can check Passport’s, Visa’s, ATM card’s, Credit Card’s, Stamp Paper’s
  • Technologically advanced Easy operations
  • Less maintenance



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Cash Counting Machine, Hyderabad

Welltech Systems bring in unprecedented efficiency and accuracy Currency Counting Machine, Note Detector, Currency Counter with Note Detector, Bundle Note Counting Machine, Fake Note Detector, Paper Shredder etc.

Call:09966561461, 040 64509509

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Bundle Note Counting: Desktop

Welltech System’s  is engaged in offering high quality Desktop Bundle Counting counters to facilitate the accurate counting of clipped and loose bank notes. Our product can count not only Currencies, but also, all types of documents, like cheques, vouchers and coupons also. It is designed user friendly and with minimum maintenance. Used in Bank’s, Industries, mall’s, Shopping complex’s, financial institutions.Image

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Bundle Note Counting : Movable Stand Hyderabad

Welltech System offer’s electronic products for safety and security for Bank’s, Financial Institutions, Hotels, Hospitals, Industries and Mall’s. The products we provide give accuracy with safety. The main products we offer are Currency Counting MachinesFake Note Detectors and safety and securityproducts.



 It is a heavy duty machine designed with metal body which can be operated with ease. Our ranges of products are appreciated for low noise and can be installed easily. It is designed to suit different individuals with minimum maintenance. We offer this machine in accordance with the latest trend’s and standard’s of the Industry.


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